MSS Forum is launched to promote establishment of a de facto standard for olfactory IoT sensing systems.



Becoming a member

For those interested in participating in the MSS Forum to perform demonstration experiments,
please refer to the application details announced on the News page accordingly.

When you become a Member, you are provided with the following materials (loan basis):

Two MSS Standard Measurement Modules
Basic technical information and user manual
Tools for collecting data (online & offline)

Members carry out demonstration experiments to validate effectiveness of the MSS in various environments.
Members are expected to make a brief report on the outcome of the experiments.

【Demonstration experiments】
  • “Demonstration experiments” involve activities that Members apply the novel technology, MSS, to practice and identify issues for commercialization.
  • This does not mean Members use the MSS in the actual environment, rather Members create a model environment and conduct experiments.
  • MSS Forum loans out “MSS Standard Measurement Module” to Members to carry out the experiments.

    Please note, “MSS Standard Measurement Module” is not the likes of measuring instruments that automatically measure and analyze gas, and show the gas composition and concentration.

  • Members’ activities include:
    • Build the measuring environment by filling target scents and odors in an appropriate container, and connect the “MSS Standard Measurement Module” to a PC.
    • Analyze the collected data using the tools MSS Forum provides (i.e. a machine learning engine and a cloud analysis platform)
    • It is necessary to have the expertise to continue data collection and analysis by customizing the measuring conditions over time.
    • Each Member is hence required to build their own “appropriate measurement system to measure gas composition” and persistently conduct research activities.
【User Account】
  • Each Member is provided with 3 User IDs for Members login page, and 5 User IDs for the cloud analysis platform.
  • The User IDs and passwords are individually set, and they all vary.
  • For the sake of security reinforcement, One-Time Password (OTP) is required in addition to the user ID and password. Each User hence requires a smart phone.
  • Each Member is provided up to 100GB of data space on the cloud analysis platform
【Forum Technical Support】
  • Forum Technical Support provides essential and useful technical information for Members to carry out their MSS Forum activities.
【Members Social Event】
  • All Members are welcome to join the social events. Any comments and feedback from Members are essential to manage and operate the MSS Forum.

Member Category and Fee

The membership fee consists of the first year one-off payment and annual membership fee.

Any company, university and public research institute shall be eligible to be a member.

Discounts are available on the annual membership fee:
For university and public research institute: JPY 150,000 after discount
For small and medium-sized company with less than JPY 100 million in capital: JPY 200,000 after discount

Registration process

Check application details
Please check the HP for details.
Fill in the Contact Form
Please use the Contact Form for any queries including the request to obtain MSS Forum Bylaws and the application form.
Consider applying for Membership
With the information provided from the MSS Forum Secretariat, please consider whether to apply for the Membership.
Apply for Membership
Please fill in the application form, and send it to the MSS Forum Secretariat via Contact Form during the application period set by the MSS Forum Secretariat.
Submit a survey
Upon the receipt of an application, the MSS Forum Secretariat will send you a survey form to ask the background for the application. Please fill in the form and send it back to the MSS Forum Secretariat via Contact Form.
Eligibility screening process
Due to limited manpower and resources by the MSS Forum Secretariat, there is an eligibility screening process to examine whether participants possess appropriate engineering resources in order to limit the number of applicants to join the MSS Forum each time.
Notification of the eligibility screening results
Once the screening process is completed, a letter confirming the Membership details and an invoice for the membership fee will be sent to the applicant who are successful to be a Member.
Pay Membership Fee
Please arrange a payment by the payment due specified on the invoice
Registration completed
Once the payment is confirmed, the registration process is completed and the membership period begins.

MSS Forum Secretariat

MSS Technology Center
External Collaboration Division
National Institute for Materials Science

Address: 1-2-1 Sengen, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0047