MSS Forum is launched to promote establishment of a de facto standard for olfactory IoT sensing systems.


NEW! Standard measure for scent and odor

Launch of MSS Forum to Establish “de facto standard” for Olfactory Sensing Systems

Seven visionary organizations, i.e. National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Kyocera Corporation, Osaka University, NEC Corporation, Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co., Ltd., Asahi Kasei Corporation and NanoWorld AG., jointly launched the MSS Forum on November 1, 2017. This initiative is designed to promote establishment of a de facto standard for olfactory IoT sensing systems

The MSS Forum conducts validation experiments in various fields to identify further issues for commercialization and to deepen and accelerate R&D for solutions to these issues. In addition, it aims to create components/modules and solutions that enable each of the constituent technologies of the MSS olfactory IoT sensing systems to be more easily utilized in product concepts of people in industry and carry out basic R&D including the provision of measurement, analysis and databases services.

What the forum is aiming for is; MSS olfactory sensor=the standard measure for scent and odor=de facto standard.We continue to explore further possibilities of MSS related technologies,all with a relentless focus on delivering the great user experience that underpins the success of MSS.

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Our logo is designed to consist of the three-letter acronym combined with a symbol of an elephant that possesses “superior” sense of smell, much keener than a dog.
MSS is a trademark of NIMS, registered in Japan and other countries.